World Deaf Day

Date: 26.09.2022

Venue: College Campus

Duration: 1 hour

Event: World Deaf Day

Staff In Charge: Mrs.M.Rekha

World Deaf Day is observed annually on the last Sunday of September. This month, the day will be celebrated on September 25. It aims to raise awareness on the issues faced by deaf people in their daily lives. The day is part of the International Week of the Deaf People which will be observed from September 19 to September 25 this year.

World Deaf Day was celebrated on 11.10.2022 to create awareness among III Year BSc nursing students and the event was started around 3.00pm in III year BSc nursing classroom. Master of ceremony was done by Ms.Rahina Ruby, III year BSc Nursing.The event was started with prayer song by  Ms.Cantida, Ms.CathrineJeya, Ms.Jasmine, Ms.Padmavathy and Ms.Indra, Bsc (N) III year. Welcome address was delivered by Ms.Apsara, Bsc (N) III year. Brief presentation was given by Ms. Jebinisha Dominic Bsc (N) III yearregarding the causes of hearing loss, prevention  of deafness, types of hearing aids, and  common deaf signs. Followed by vote of thanks   by Ms.Karthiga,Bsc (N) III year.