International Students over the years

The following elective students have visited our hospital over the past years. It has been a privilege to have such diversity and talent from so many different countries and universities.

Total number of students from 1993 until 2020 = 79

S.No NameUniversityPeriod
1Andrews BoppUniversity of Manchester, UK01-02-1993 to 27-02-1993
2Abigail HunterUniversity of Manchester, UK19-07-1994 to 19-08-1994
3Siona McKimmieUniversity of Manchester, UK19-07-1994 to 19-08-1994
4Catherine HernonUniversity of Manchester, UK19-07-1994 to 19-08-1994
5Helen CostiganUniversity of Manchester, UK19-07-1994 to 19-08-1994
6Leilah DareUniversity of Bristol07-10-1995 to 03-11-1995
7John EdmondUniversity of Bristol07-10-1995 to 03-11-1995
8Helen BlackhurstUniversity of Manchester15-07-1996 to 26-08-1996
9Lindsey McFeeUniversity of Manchester15-07-1996 to 26-08-1996
10Peter SchmitzGerman University17-02-1997 to 22-03-1997
11Ulrika WennrickGerman University17-02-1997 to 22-03-1997
12Simon PhippsNottingham University, UKApr-97
13Gareth GibbonNottingham University, UKApr-97
14Justin M. CarterUniversity of Bristol26-01-1998 to 13-03-1998
15Joanna StokoeUniversity of Birmingham Medical School16-03-1998 to 18-04-1998
16James R. TaylorUniversity of Birmingham Medical School16-03-1998 to 18-04-1998
17Andrew IslamU.S.A.16-05-1998 to 25-05-1998
18Derek SloanUniversity of Glasgow04-07-1998 to 31-07-1998
19Allison HuntUniversity of London10-11-1998 to 06-12-1998
20Angela MartinUniversity of London10-11-1998 to 06-12-1998
21Jayaram KosalramSt. Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University12-07-2000 to 11-08-2000
22A.S. ValanVolograd State Medical Academy, Russia19-07-2000 to 19-08-2000
23S. Edwin Kins RajVolograd State Medical Academy, Russia19-07-2000 to 19-08-2000
24Bernhard VetterDr. Med. University, Austria23-04-2001 to 12-06-2001
25Prathap Christo SolomonCharles University, Prague27-08-2001 to 06-09-2001
26L. Chinthu SanthoshVinnitsa State Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Ukraine01-07-2002 to 15-08-2002
27D. John PeterSt. Petersburg State Medical University, Russia06-08-2002 to 06-10-2002
28Ms. Christa ChandyUniversity of Rochester, New York02-12-2002 to 22-12-2002
29Martin AndreasMedical University Vienna, Austria.14-07-2004 to 28-07-2004
30Nadia Konstantina MagdalinouGuy’s, King’s and St.Thomas, School of Medicine, London09-08-2004 to 04-09-2004
31Kate A. BolwellGuy’s, King’s and St.Thomas, School of Medicine, London09-08-2004 to 04-09-2004
32Isolde GutfleischMedical School for Physiotherapy, Germany14-04-2005 to 27-05-2004
33Zheyi LiewUniversity of Glasgow05-07-2005 to 29-07-2005
34Suet Ching ChenUniversity of Glasgow05-07-2005 to 29-07-2005
35Arjan Van LaarhovenUtrecht University, The Netherlands29-01-2007 to 24-02-2007
36Marcel RoslinLinkoping University, Sweden10-04-2007 to 27-04-2007
37Willemijn Van GastelThe Netherlands29-01-2007 to 24-02-2007
38Elisabeth FollGermany02-11-2007 to 30-11-2007
39G.S. Aboo BackerMakerere Medical School, Uganda30-06-2008 to 25-07-
40Evan Cyril EdmondManchester Grammar school, Manchester01-07-2008 to 25-07-2008
41Gordon TaoCanada21-07-2008 to 01-08-2008
42Shavon BondStaffordshire University23-07-2008 to 25-07-2008
43Jerusha JeyakumarSt. Joseph’s college, Dumfries04-08-2008 to 09-08-2008
44Sarah UmerkajeffUniversity of Uppsala, Sweden18-08-2008 to 24-08-
45Sanam GharaeeUniversity of Linköping, Sweden18-08-2008 to 24-08-2008
46Paul GallagherUniversity of Glasgow, U.K.15-05-2009 to 16-06-2009
47Rachel DavisUniversity of California, Berkeley2009 
03-07-2009  to 03-08-2009
48Jeffrey SperlingUniversity of California, Irvine24-07-2009 to 28-07-2009
49Erica FruminUniversity of California, Irvine24-07-2009 to 28-07-2009
50Rachel MurrayUniversity of California, Irvine24-07-2009 to 28-07-2009
51Emily Hersh-BurdickUniversity of California, Irvine24-07-2009 to 28-07-2009
52Melissa WestermannUniversity of California, Irvine24-07-2009 to 28-07-
53Zachariah ChandyUniversity of California, Irvine24-07-2009 to 28-07-2009
54Ms.Najla NazerMakerere University28-06-2010 to 23-07-2010
55Ms.Osundare IfelowaObafemi Awolowo University24-07-2011 to 20-08-2011
56Ms.Solveig SlettedalCharles University in Prague28-09-2011 to 18-11-2011
57Mr.Evan C.EdmondUniversity of Oxford11-07-2011 to 02-08-2011
58Mr.Aaron VictorUniversity of New South Wales Rural Clinical School01-02-2012 to 02-03-2012
59Ms.Caroline Maria Elisabeth JarteKings College, London02-09-2013 to 06-09-2013
60Mr.Max Alexander Coupe KingKings College, London02-09-2013 to 06-09-2013
61Mr.Abishek Abraham RolandsImperial College,London21-07-2014 to 14-08-2014
62Ms.Nicola StirlingEdinburgh University25-08-2014 to 10-10-2014
63Ms.Shona DuerdenEdinburgh University25-08-2014 to 10-10-2014
64Ms.Kate O’ SullivanEdinburgh University11-01-2016 to 04-02-2016
65Ms.Helen SouchonEdinburgh University11-01-2016 to 05-02-2016
66Ms.Katherine BoothEdinburgh University11-01-2016 to 04-02-2016
67Ms.Caroline Paton ThomasB.Sc.Bio Medical Bristol, UK16-10-2016 to 01-11-2016
68Mr.Richard MooreCardiff University,UK27-02-2017 to 26-03-2017
69Ms.Katharine DavidsonWarwick University,UK20-03-2017 to 28-04-2017
70Ms.Robyn DaneWarwick University,UK20-03-2017 to 28-04-2017
71Ms.Shweta BoazMedical Shadow18-06-2018 to 17-07-2018
72Mr.Nikhil BoazMedical Shadow18-06-2018 to 17-07-2018
73Mr.Michael CrossAberdeen University07-01-2019 to 01-03-2019
74Mr.Jed SmithAberdeen University07-01-2019 to 01-03-2019
75Mr.Jerusha JeyakumarAberdeen University07-01-2019 to 01-03-2019
76Ms.Wendy VictoriaAberdeen University13-01-2019 to 01-03-2019
77Mr.Joel SpinkNorwick Medical School15-07-2019 to 09-08-2019
78Ms.Tiffany HuangUniversity of Auckland06-01-2020 to 28-02-2020
79Ms.Isobel Jane HawkinsUniversity of Auckland06-01-2020 to 28-02-2020