World Hemophilia day (April 13th)

Report of the SNA activity remembered on 13th April 

Date                             :13/04/2022

Duration                     :1 hour

Event                          : World Hemophilia day (April 13)

Staff In charge           : Mrs.Priya & Mrs.Savitha

Master of ceremony was done by Ms.Arockia Antony Maha ,II-year B.Sc. Nursing. The SNA meeting started at around 2pm in Dr.Nelson Auditorium. All II year B.Sc. Nursing students,II DGNM students and staff of Dr. Jeyasekharan College of Nursing (Mrs.Priya& Mrs.Savitha) participated in the event. The SNA activity was launched to celebrate World hemophilia day.

The event started with Prayer song by Bsc (N) II year students. Welcome address was delivered by Ms. Aswini S.B.Sc. (N) II Yr. Puppet show and PPT presentation were performed by II year B.Sc. Nursing student which briefed about the significance of World hemophilia day and the need for remembering it. 

Students were attentive during the session and positive feedback about the session was given by Mrs.Blessy, Associate Professor and given a short note on the same. 

Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms.Joselin Shiji , Bsc(N) II Yr.