VENUE:  II Year B.Sc Nursing – Class Room

      Dr. Jeyasekharan College of Nursing

EVENT : World Alzheimer’s Day

THEME : Never too early, never too late

STAFF INCHARGE: Mrs. Cerlin Nelson

World Alzheimer’s Day, is observed every year on the 21st of September, with the objective of creating awareness about the misconception of dementia and Alzheimer’s and to encourage and support the families of Alzheimer-affected patients to tackle and fight it.

We the Dr.Jeyasekharan College of Nursing has planned to conduct educational programs on 25th September among II Year B.Sc Nursing students and II Year DGNM.

The Agenda of the program is as follows,

Master of Ceremony – Ms. Resiya II Year DGNM

Prayer song                 – II year B.Sc Nursing students

Welcome speech         – Ms. Vijish Merit, II Year B.Sc Nursing student

Introduction speech    – Ms. Soundariya, II Year DGNM student

Role play                     – II Year B.Sc Nursing and DGNM Students

Vote of thanks             – Ms. Jerlin II Year DGNM student

Students perform an informative roleplay about Alzheimer disease, its causes and about its management, also students emphasized that, we should remember the loved ones who are living with dementia and should take care of them as a child without hurting them. Students also accentuated that family, society and nation have important role in taking care of their elderly.