World Mental Health Day – October 2023

DATE  : 10-10-2023 

VENUE: Nelson Auditorium,

    Dr. Jeyasekharan College of Nursing  

EVENT : World Mental Health Day

THEME : “Mental health is a universal human right

STAFF INCHARGE: Mrs. Cerlin Nelson

World Mental Health Day is observed yearly on October 10, to bring issues to light regarding the mental health of people globally. The day is intended to make us more aware of our psychological well-being and the difficulties related to it, which is seen more as taboo. 

World Mental Health Day also seeks to unite more and more help for the promotion and education regarding mental health. October 10 serves its need by turning the emphasis on the mental health challenges that people are struggling with frequently. 

Dr. Jeyasekharan College of Nursing gives an opportunity to students and networks to meet up under the flag of ‘Mental health is a universal human right.’ In order to show the unitedness, we have planned to strengthen our mental right by the formation of structure of brain by our students.

Around 12pm we have planned a gathering in Nelsons Auditorium. The agenda for the program as follows,

Master of Ceremony – Ms. Herlin, Ms. Shinu   III Year B.Sc Nursing

Prayer song – III Year B.Sc Nursing students

Welcome speech – Ms. Aswin Vinitha, III Year B.Sc Nursing

Unveiling the Theme – Dr. Sarayu Priya, Principal, JCON

Chief Guest Address – Dr. Sanjana, Psychiatrist JMT

Role play – III Year B.Sc Nursing Students

Laughter Therapy – Ms. Arthi, Ms. Abinaya III Year B.Sc Nursing 

Power point presentation and demonstration, video

Quiz and puzzle – Mr. Benastin, III Year B.Sc Nursing

Psychometric Assessment – Dr. Golden Catherine (Self Esteem Assessment scale)

Vote of thanks – Ms. Avanthika III Year B.Sc Nursing

Dr. Sarayu Priya, Principal, JCON , delivered the introductory speech. while speaking on this occasion stated that it is important that people should be made aware of the early symptoms of the mental illness and role of students in creating a healthy society.

Dr. Sanjana, Psychiatrist JMT , emphasized on early recognition of mental illness and important role of students in the society in reducing the stigma related to mental illness.

Dr. Reksha, Psychologist, JMT, enlightened the students on managing stress and finding the ways to develop coping strategies to reduce the stress. 

The day provided an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for students.