National Epilepsy Day – November 2023

Duration                   : 1 hour

Event                          :National Epilepsy Day (NOVEMBER 17)

Staff In charge           : Mrs. M.T. Mihana

“Know Epilepsy, No Fear” 

                    Master of ceremony was done by Ms.Dhaneesha G.A and Mr.BenilinShibulu.B      II-year DGNM Students. The SNA meeting started at around 10am-11am in Lecture Hall 6.   All II year DGNM Nursing students and staff of Dr. Jeyasekharan College of Nursing (Mrs.M.T.Mihana) participated in the event. The SNA activity was launched to celebrate National Epilepsy Day. 

 The event started with Prayer song by DGNM II year students (MsGayathiri G, Ms.Gopika.S, Ms.Selvi.A, Ms.Abinaya.S). Welcome address was delivered by Ms.Gopika.S         II Year DGNM . PPT was presented by Ms.Serlin.S II year DGNM Nursing student that briefed about the significance of National Epilepsy day and the need for remembering it.

Students were attentive during the session and positive feedback about the session was given by Mrs.M.T.Mihana, Nursing Tutor and given a short note on the same. 

 Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms Jerlin.F DGNM II Yr.