On the mark of world Patient Safety day, Dr.Jeyasekharan College of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing services organized an event World Patient Safety day on 17th September with the Theme “Medication Safety”. 

On 17th September at 11 am, a   role play on” 5 Moments of Medication Safety” was demonstrated in the main OPD by 2nd year Cardiac, Dialysis and Anesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology students.

            The program was commenced with the prayer song by College Choir. Mrs. Deva Beni, Patient Safety Officer welcomed the gathering. Followed by Five Moments of Medication Safety was explained by Dr.Ranjit Jeyasekharan.  Dr. Susmitha, Clinical Pharmacologist presented on the key topic “Medication without Harm”

A brief note on the “Role of Healthcare workers in Medication safety” was delivered by our respected Managing Trustee Dr. Devaprasath Jeyasekharan. A discussion on Real Life Examples of Medication safety was presented by Dr. Sabu Jeyasekharan, he reminded all to be more caution while administering medications. Dr. Ninoo George illustrated the Medication safety challenges and opportunities by a video clip.

 Later Prizes were distributed for the competition winners of Poster making and Quiz competitions were conducted on 16th September at Hospital Auditorium. Students and staffs were shown significant participation.  

The program concluded with vote of thanks by Mrs. Abitha Chandran Tutor, Dialysis Technology CAHS.

The gathering dispersed after the National Anthem.

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